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A small farm focused on regenerative agriculture and building living soil through natural farming. Providing produce, flowers, medicinal herbs & natural inputs.

Conscious Acre Farm is a small farm run by David & Amanda Hoover in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We are a first generation family farm focusing on regenerative agriculture and building living soil through Natural Farming methods. We produce a variety of vegetables, fruits, microgreens, herbs, and flowers. We also make and sell natural farming inputs from the land around us and things we grow (Conscious Natural Inputs). Read below for more details about what we offer!


We grow lots of greens, veggies, fruits, flowers and herbs on our farm. Mostly heirloom varieties with a focus on the flavorful ones!

We grow microgreens year round, so you can have fresh local greens anytime!

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We use a method of farming called Korean Natural Farming, or KNF. David makes our farm's food & pest management following these principles. We also sell the inputs for you to use on your own garden or farm!

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