WSK (Water Soluble Potassium)

WSK (Water Soluble Potassium) is extracted from tobacco and sunflower stalks that have been turned into biochar. Broken into 1" pieces, mixed with water at a 1:10 ratio, and left alone with a breatheable lid for 2 weeks before it is strained into 8oz glass amber bottles. 


WSK can be used in addtion to the Maintenance and Vegetative Solutions at 1:2000 or 2ml/gal.

During Reproductive and Enhanced Ripening use at 1:1000 or 4ml/gal.



1:2000 to 1:000 or 2-4ml/gal in Foliar spray or Soil drench

Apply once a week.

WSK (Water Soluble Potassium)

  • Care Instructions

    Cap tightly and store in a cool, dark area.

    Lightly shake before each use.

    1+ year shelf life (I haven't seen any go bad when stored properly)