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LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria)

LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria) is made with bacteria that is open air collected into rice wash water. This is then added to organic grassfed milk to allow the LAB to out-compete everything else before it is strained, stabilized with organic raw sugar and bottled. They are some of the toughest microbes around and can live with or without oxygen. Good for keeping away powdery mildew, LAB can be used in addition to any weekly spray regardless of plant growth stage. It is also used to make Fermented Seawater. This input has a 3 month shelf life for best results/quality, so I produce more every 2 weeks to keep it fresh.



1:1000 or 4ml/gal applied in foliar spray/soil drench

Apply once a week.

LAB (Lactic Acid Bacteria)

  • Care Instructions

    Cap loosely and store in a refrigerator or cool, dark area. 3 month shelf life for best results/highest quality.

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