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FPJ & OHN combo

The only thing missing from this combo is BRV (brown rice vinegar) which can be found at most grocery stores marked as rice vinegar. This will be updated to include vinegars I've made once they are finished. If you want a jumpstart on the input side of natural farming, this kit is for you. 


OHN+FPJ+BRV= Seed Treatment & Maintenance Solution

This is the base formula that can be applied at any point in the plant's life on a weekly basis. Other inputs are added depending on plant growth stage or application.

(OHN 1:1000) (FPJ 1:500)  (BRV 1:500)


FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice) is used in solutions for seed & soil treatments and plant nutrition. Young shoots of healthy, vigorous plants are harvested before sunrise and fermented with organic raw sugar for ~7 days. The sugar draws the juices out via osmosis and uses the plant's own microbial set to do the fermenting.


Our FPJs are made with plants grown on our farm.

Comfrey FPJ is made from True comfrey & Bocking 14 comfrey.


*FPJ DISCLAIMER: Upon delivery put the bottle(s) in a refrigerator overnight before opening it up. (the cold calms down the activity). When you first open a bottle of FPJ after shipping, be prepared to remove some foam with the included pipette and have a bowl nearby to catch any extra overflow.



1:500 or 8ml/gal

Apply once a week mixed with OHN and BRV in a foliar spray/soil drench.


OHN (Oriental Herbal Nutrient) is a specific mixture of 5 edible, aromatic herbs fermented with raw sugar and extracted with alcohol. OHN strengthens a plant's or animal's immune system and fights disease, promoting health and nutrient uptake. The 5 specific herbs used include Ginger Roots, our own Garlic Cloves, Angelica Sinensis Roots, Licorice Roots, and Cassia Cinnamon Bark. OHN is a vital component of natural farming and takes ~3 months to make with daily attention.  



1:1000 or 4ml/gal

Apply once a week mixed with FPJ and BRV in a foliar spray/soil drench.


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FPJ & OHN combo

  • Care Instructions

    FPJ: Replace cap with a 4 layer paper towel and rubber band so it can breathe. Store in a refrigerator or cool, dark area. Do not shake.


    OHN: Cap tightly and store in a cool, dark area. Shake well before each use.

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