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FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice)

FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice) is used in solutions for seed & soil treatments and plant nutrition. Young shoots of healthy, vigorous plants are harvested before sunrise and fermented with organic raw sugar for ~7 days. The sugar draws the juices out via osmosis and uses the plant's own microbial set to do the fermenting.


OHN+FPJ+BRV= Seed Treatment & Maintenance Solution

This is the base formula. Other inputs can be added depending on plant growth stage or application.

(OHN 1:1000) (FPJ 1:500)  (BRV 1:500)


Our FPJs are made with plants grown on our farm.

Comfrey FPJ is made from True comfrey & Bocking 14 comfrey.



1:500 or 8ml/gal in a foliar spray/soil drench

Apply once a week.


*DISCLAIMER: Upon delivery put the bottle(s) in a refrigerator overnight before opening it up. (the cold calms down the activity). When you first open a bottle of FPJ after shipping, be prepared to remove some foam with the included pipette and have a bowl nearby to catch any extra overflow.

FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice)

  • Care Instructions

    Replace cap with a 4 layer paper towel and rubber band so it can breathe. Store in a refrigerator or cool, dark area. Do not shake. 6+ month shelf life (most of mine keep over a year, some for years). Email with any questions. 

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