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FAA (Fish Amino Acid)

This FAA (Fish Amino Acid) was fermented for over a year. Made with fresh salmon heads, spines and tails from a local market that would otherwise be thrown away. 


Ingredients: salmon, organic unrefined cane sugar, OHN, IMO4.



Can be added with type II or type III nutrient solution for additional nitrogen and vegetative growth enhancement.

1:1000 for foliar (4 ml/gal) - Traditional KNF application

1:500 soil drench (8 ml/gal) - Can be used in compost teas! Add at the end of the brew cycle for best results.

*Amounts can be adjusted dependent on the crop 


*DISCLAIMER: Upon delivery put the bottle(s) in a refrigerator overnight before opening it up. (the cold calms down the activity). When you first open a bottle of FAA after shipping, be prepared to remove some with the included pipette and have a bowl nearby to catch any extra overflow.

FAA (Fish Amino Acid)