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FAA (Fish Amino Acid)

This FAA (Fish Amino Acid) was fermented for over a year. Made with fresh salmon heads, spines and tails from a local market that would otherwise be thrown away. 


Ingredients: salmon, organic unrefined cane sugar, OHN, IMO4.



Can be added with type II or type III nutrient solution for additional nitrogen and vegetative growth enhancement.

1:1000 for foliar (4 ml/gal) - Traditional KNF application

1:500 soil drench (8 ml/gal) - Can be used in compost teas! Add at the end of the brew cycle for best results.

*Amounts can be adjusted dependent on the crop 


*DISCLAIMER: Upon delivery put the bottle(s) in a refrigerator overnight before opening it up. (the cold calms down the activity). When you first open a bottle of FAA after shipping, be prepared to remove some with the included pipette and have a bowl nearby to catch any extra overflow.

FAA (Fish Amino Acid)

  • Care Instructions

    Store in a refrigerator or cool area. When stored FAA will seperate slightly, there will be layer of thicker oils at the top of the bottle, gently turn over and back upright to mix. DO NOT SHAKE! Open the cap slowly (there may be a small amount of pressure) remove the desired amount and then tightly screw on the cap.

    Refrigerate to prevent over activity and potential overflowing when opened.

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