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A Morel Mushroom and Arts Retreat

Gettysburg, PA | April 27th-28th


Join Us at our Morel Mushroom and Arts Festival Retreat at Conscious Acre Farm in historic Gettysburg, PA!

Join us on April 27-28th for a weekend of education, discovery, connection, and celebration immersed in nature. This will include a variety of Family Friendly Mushroom and Environmental Education, Morel Mushroom Forays, Earth-Based Workshops, Community Building, Wellness Classes, and Live Music.

Festival Starts Noon on Saturday April 27th and ends at 5pm Sunday April 28th. Overnight camping is included with your ticket.

Payment Plans available via AfterPay & Affirm upon checkout. For any questions please email!

Morel Mushrooms

What to Expect

Family Friendly Mushroom and Environmental Education

Mushroom + Plant Forays

Morel Mushroom Forays

Earth-Based Workshops

Community Building

Wellness Classes

Upgrade Your Experience to VIP (Tier 2)

Indulge in the culinary delights of our exquisite Morel Mushroom Dinner and Brunch options. Choose from a menu featuring locally sourced, organic ingredients, with special attention to vegan and gluten-free options. Elevate your festival experience with a gastronomic journey that reflects the farm-to-table ethos.

Get exclusive access to Morel Mushroom Forays with an upgraded ticket. Immerse yourself in the world of morels alongside seasoned experts who will share their wealth of knowledge. You will gain unique insights, discover hidden local gems, and elevate your skills.

Meet Your Hosts

Meet the hosts of the Morel Mushroom and Arts Retreat -

Unkle Fungus Mushrooms & Conscious Acre Farm

Drew Zimmerman and Samantha from Unkle Fungus Mushrooms, along with David Hoover and Priyanka Malhotra of Conscious Acre Farm. Drew, a father of two, founded Unkle Fungus Mushrooms in 2020 to combat local food shortages during the pandemic, transitioning from mushroom farmer to a consultant and salesperson of exotic products. Samantha, his partner and a mother to a young daughter, joins him in their commitment to family and community. David, a father of one, is the founder of Conscious Acre Farm and is accompanied by his partner Priyanka. Together they focus on regenerative agriculture and natural farming methods on the farm, cultivating a variety of produce and David crafts natural farming inputs (Conscious Natural Inputs). Together, these hosts bring a rich blend of passion, expertise, and community spirit to the festival, promising an unforgettable experience for all.