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Full Moon
Day Retreat


Join Us for a Day of Connection, Nature, and Nourishment
Gettysburg, PA 

Saturday June 29th 


Enjoy a beautiful summer day under the full moon at Conscious Acre Farm with a rejuvenating day retreat. This retreat is the perfect day to connect you with the earth, your community, and your inner self. You will be nestled in nature on our gorgeous farm in Gettysburg, PA. We will have a fun day of discovery, nourishment, and holistic wellness.


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What to Expect

- Morning Welcome Circle 

- Mushroom + Plant Foray 

- Farm Herb + Veggie Picking

- Ceremony: Cacao, Breath-work, Movement

- Farm + Foray to Table Dinner 

- Farewell

Begin your journey with a warm welcome circle, setting positive intentions and embracing the energy of the full moon. Meet like-minded souls and prepare for a day of exploration and connection.

Mushroom & Plant Foray
Embark on a guided foray through the farm’s lush landscapes. Learn about the local mushrooms and plants, their medicinal properties, and how to forage sustainably. This immersive experience will deepen your appreciation for the natural world.

Herb & Vegetable Picking
Return to the farm and engage in hands-on picking of fresh herbs and vegetables. Discover the joys of harvesting your own ingredients, straight from our organic fields.

Farm + Foray to Table Meal Preparation
While you explore, our talented chefs will begin crafting a delicious meal from your foraged finds and freshly picked produce. Experience the true essence of farm-to-table dining, knowing that your meal is prepared with the utmost care and love.

Cacao Ceremony
Indulge in the heart-opening benefits of cacao in a ceremonial setting. This ancient ritual is designed to enhance your emotional well-being and foster a sense of unity and peace.

Breath-Work & Yoga
Participate in transformative breath-work sessions and calming yoga practices, suitable for all levels. These activities will help you release stress, ground yourself, and connect more deeply with your surroundings.

Integration Circle
End the day by joining our community integration circle, where we share reflections, insights, and gratitude. This is a time to celebrate new friendships and the collective experience.

Farm + Foray to Table Meal
Gather around the table with your new friends to enjoy the freshly prepared farm + foray to table meal. Savor the flavors of the season and the fruits of your labor in a communal dining experience that nourishes both body and soul.

As the day concludes, take with you the peace, knowledge, and connections you've cultivated. Leave Conscious Acre Farm feeling rejuvenated and inspired, ready to carry the solstice's energy into the rest of your year.

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Meet Your Hosts

Meet the hosts of the Morel Mushroom and Arts Retreat -

Unkle Fungus Mushrooms & Conscious Acre Farm

Drew Zimmerman and Samantha from Unkle Fungus Mushrooms, along with David Hoover and Priyanka Malhotra of Conscious Acre Farm. Drew, a father of two, founded Unkle Fungus Mushrooms in 2020 to combat local food shortages during the pandemic, transitioning from mushroom farmer to a consultant and salesperson of exotic products. Samantha, his partner and a mother to a young daughter, joins him in their commitment to family and community. David, a father of one, is the founder of Conscious Acre Farm and is accompanied by his partner Priyanka. Together they focus on regenerative agriculture and natural farming methods on the farm, cultivating a variety of produce and David crafts natural farming inputs (Conscious Natural Inputs). Together, these hosts bring a rich blend of passion, expertise, and community spirit to the festival, promising an unforgettable experience for all.

What To Bring

Please be sure to pack the following 

  1. Portable Charger

  2. Sun Protection

  3. Tall boots

  4. Insect Repellent

  5. Snacks and Water 

  6. Rain Gear for all weather

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