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Conscious Acre Farm is run by David and Amanda Hoover out of Gettysburg, PA. We both grew up in Chambersburg and don't have any farmers in our family. So why did we start our small farm? Small farms will change the world, that's why! Seriously they will, but that's not the main reason.


Our desire to start a farm came when we moved from Boston back to Chambersburg. We got spoiled in the city with all the farmers markets, specialty grocery stores, and restaurants focused on local food. We have both spent a lot of time in kitchens and restaurants - Amanda spent over a decade in restaurants in various positions and David is a trained pastry chef with several years in the restaurant industry as well. We both know that really good ingredients are the "secret" to making really good food so we started growing what we could each year and over time our vision for what we wanted evolved. David has studied Korean Natural Farming and implements the techniques on our farm to build thriving living soil and healthy plants that are nutritionally dense. 


Of course farming is important to us because we enjoy growing things. But we also like feeling connected to the Earth and like we are doing our part to help get good, healthy food to our community. 

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